Kataeb's Women Department Says Domestic Violence Is Forbidden

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Kataeb's Women Department Says Domestic Violence Is Forbidden

Women's Department at the Kataeb party stressed that domestic violence is forbidden, shedding light on the Law No.293 which lies on protecting women and other family members from domestic violence as well as ensuring protection and stability for a large number of those who were suffering from domestic violence.

“If you are suffering from violence at your home, you can call 112 (Internal Security Forces Operations Room) or the hotline 1745 and report the violence to the security forces, providing them with your address so that they can offer assistance if you are unable to leave the house,” the Women's Departement said addressing women.

“Within 24 hours of the violence occurrence, you can go to the nearest police station and file a complaint against the assaulted so a report can be opened by the investigator and he, then, can take your testimony without any delay," it added.

The Women's Affairs Department stressed the necessity to highlight the role of the judicial police that, after consulting the public attorney and under his supervision, must inform the victim and the suspects of the rights stipulated in Article 47 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (contacting one of the family members, a lawyer, a forensic doctor and seeking the assistance of an interpreter).

“Then the judicial police will hear the victim and the suspects, in the presence of a social representative, and will also hear the witnesses of domestic violence, including the minor children, in the presence of the social representative,” the department said.

The Department pointed out that after 24 hours of the violence occurrence, the victim must go to the Public Prosecution Office to file a complaint or resort to the competent court directly.

The public attorney can then take one or more of the following measures:
- To obtain a commitment from the accuser that he will never use violence again.
- In case of danger, the accuser can be prevented from entering the family’s home for a period of 48 hours, renewable for one time.
- The detention of the accuser for a period of 48 hours, renewable for one time.
- To transport the victim and the rest of the family members who are exposed to danger to a safe place on the perpetrator’s expense.
- To transport the victim to the hospital in case he needed treatment on the perpetrator’ expense.
- The judicial officer will be punished if he ever tries to exert pressure on the victim to retract her complain.

Source: Kataeb.org