Kataeb Party Says Mafia, Militia Are Controlling Lebanon

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Kataeb Party Says Mafia, Militia Are Controlling Lebanon

The Kataeb party on Tuesday reaffirmed that both the mafia and the militia are controlling Lebanon, stressing that the party’s main goal is to always maintain the country’s stability and defending the Lebanese’ rights.

“Lebanon is ruled by a system that is dragging it to the bottom with a militia-mafia performance that has led the country to the lowest levels of backwardness, ignorance and decadence,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb Political Bureau after its weekly meeting.

“The country’s official language has now been limited to the language of bullying and weapons where the laws were suspended and the Constitution has become invalid,” it said.

“Dealing with rescue initiatives is faced with sarcasm and irresponsibility and that is leading other countries to turn their back on us or even to impose sanctions,” it added.

The party stressed that the country’s economy is neglected where the mafia does nothing except completing its shady deals, saying that plans are successively failing due to ignorance and greed.

“The Lebanese’ savings in banks have melted away in an open robbery while they are incapable to survive after they have lost their jobs and their income was cut off,” it noted.

“The militia’s mentality runs the security where suspicious assassinations are taking place without any deterrence, while the Lebanese are chased and arrested if they have objected over something or if they staged protests,” it pointed out.

The Kataeb stressed that Lebanon is being held as a hostage of an ideological expansion project after the system’s columns gave up sovereignty, freedom, and the right to self-determination to Hezbollah.

Finally, the party wishes the Lebanese a merry Christmas and a happy new year, pledging them that it will always remain steadfast in its stances, firm in the face of humiliation and a fierce defender of the Lebanese’ rights.




Source: Kataeb.org