Kataeb Party: Hezbollah's Weapons Are Exposing Lebanon to Sanctions

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Kataeb Party: Hezbollah's Weapons Are Exposing Lebanon to Sanctions

The Kataeb party on Tuesday stressed that Hezbollah's weapons are exposing Lebanon to sanctions, deeming the call for the Iranian ambassador as a sovereign necessity.

“The first obvious violation of the country and its people’s rights is the waste of its sovereignty and its free decision due to the people who have agreed on the settlement and have approved to surrender their fate to Hezbollah,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political Bureau after its weekly meeting.

“The Lebanese are now being held as hostages by Iran’s grip and any attempt to give another explanation for this is inevitably lapsed,” it said.

“Therefore, calling for the Iranian ambassador has become a sovereign necessity to remove the harm from the country,” it added.

The political bureau stressed that Hezbollah's illegal weapons did not protect Lebanon in the past and won’t protect it today, saying that it has become the guardian of the daily waves of provocation that  begins with the publication of the pictures and statues of Qassem Suleimani to the endless defamation campaigns published on social media.

The party accused the current ruling authority of the drastic situation the Lebanese are going through today regarding the increase of the coronavirus cases, saying that the system has neglected people’s priorities in the treatment process.

“The Kataeb party adopts the emergency committee’s plan in particular in terms of providing all support to the health sectors in a complete, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable manner, renewing and motivating the medical and nursing staff with the necessary alternatives and paying dues, approving medical work, the compensation for doctors and nurses victims with an increase in the number of beds, and providing equipment, including the field hospitals, the equipped beds in the new departments, the provision of examinations at low prices, the provision and fixing of the prices of oxygen bottles and the oxygen monitoring machine and other necessary measures,” the statement added.

“Five months on the Beirut port blast and yet the truth remains lost in the midst of the system's arguments and the presidential pledge to reveal the truth that supposed to be showed in 5 days after the explosion,” it said.

“The Political Bureau believes that the practices adopted in the course of the investigation in this case have crossed all the boldness and recklessness towards the right of the victims' families as the system did not provide any way to deviate from the laws, the Constitution and the principles,” it added.

“The party will be remain silent and will not rest until the truth shows up,” it stressed.

The party renewed its condemnation to the militia’s rhetoric language aimed at shutting the Lebanese's voices in face of the corruption prevailing over the country today.


Source: Kataeb.org