Kataeb's Emergency Task Force Calls on UN to Consider Lebanon as a Country of Low Economic and Social Class

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Kataeb's Emergency Task Force Calls on UN to Consider Lebanon as a Country of Low Economic and Social Class

The Kataeb's Emergency Task Force issued a statement in which it tackled the latest developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Kataeb's Emergency Task Force on Friday reiterated call to secure the needed legal and legislative frameworks so as to facilitate the import of the coronavirus vaccines, urging to expand contacts with the international and national importing companies to provide the types and the numbers required for vaccines in the public and private sectors in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

“We call the United Nations to consider Lebanon as a country of low economic and social class due to the collapse of its economic and financial indicators and we demand to provide the largest number of vaccines at a lowest cost according to the GAVI classification so that the Lebanese citizen would equal the refugee and for the justice and health levels to be achieved,” read a statement issued by the party’s emergency task force.

“We also call for the implementation of the socio-economic support plan for the poorest categories, namely in such circumstances where extreme poverty has reached the quarter of the population,” it added, hailing the efforts exerted by the non-governmental organizations in a bid to compensate for official inaction, including providing equipment that would benefit the health of the infected people in all regions from oxygen generators and bottles, tools to examine the level of oxygen in the body as well as others.

The party’s task force called on everyone, including ministers, officials and citizens of the necessity to adhere to the recommendations that would healp curb the spread of the virus, urging those concerned to organize participatory work in providing the legal environment and operational work so as to increase health services and provide health logistical equipment.

“We would like to thank all those who have adopted some of the recommendations we have earlier submitted, including practical proposals for prevention, protection, intervention, follow-up, anticipation, monitoring and improvement of hospital as well as home treatment conditions,” the statement said, wishing a speed recovery to all the infected people who are struggling against this disease.

“We also praise all the hard work exerted by the medical teams and committees to serve all of the infected people and their efforts in increasing the number of hospital beds in government and private hospitals,” it added.


Source: Kataeb.org