Gemayel Deems Any Attempt to Obstruct the Elections as a Coup Against the Constitution

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Gemayel Deems Any Attempt to Obstruct the Elections as a Coup Against the Constitution

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday deemed any attempt to obstruct the parliamentary elections as a violation to people’s right to self-determination and a coup against the Constitution, pledging that they will face such obstruction with all available means.

“The current Parliament is in complete failure. Thus, we are working towards creating a large opposition front aiming at confronting the ruling system,” Gemayel said in an interview with Al-Hurra TV, affirming that they are capable of meeting with the Lebanese people and creating a real change.

“We have tried to form an objection from inside the Parliament but we have ran out of all attempts, therefore we have submitted our resignation namely after we didn’t find anyone to vote on the draft aiming at shortening the Parliament’s mandate even those who are today, calling for early elections,” he added.

“We have resigned from the Parliament so we can return stronger with all those who resemble us,” he affirmed.

“Our vision for Lebanon is clear. It is now the time to release the Lebanese people after it is  being held as a hostage.”

The Kataeb leader deemed forming a new and a swift government as a good option for overcoming the country’s current problems, saying that it will help bring the International Monetary Fund’s money.

“We refuse to be limited between two choices. Either subsidies lifting or using the reserves at the Central Bank,” he said, stressing that he is against the subsidies lifting in the way it is proposed.

Gemayel stressed that the party has no trust with the Lebanese Forces leadership, saying that there is no even trust between the leadership and its base.

“The Lebanese Forces are no different than the current ruling authority. They have been a part of the presidential settlement, contributed to it, defend it and even voted on the electoral law that has brought Hezbollah to power,” he said, affirming that the Lebanese Forces change their stances according to their interests.

The Kataeb leader stressed that President Michel Aoun gave the cover for the first presidency to Hezbollah’s weapons, saying that this has cost Lebanon an International and an Arab isolation.

“Everyone who stood in the way of the presidential settlement four years ago was considered as a traitor, and all those who have approved the presidential settlement have gathered against him,” he pointed.

“They are all responsible,” he noted.

“Whoever has elected Hezbollah’s candidate for the presidency cannot call himself a sovereign,” he added.

Gemayel voiced fear over covering up what has been left from the crime scene at the Beirut port after the explosion, saying that the judges responsible of the investigation are being subjected to intimidation.

“Is the death of all these retired officers a coincidence?” he asked.

"The Kataeb has suffered a lot since the Beirut Port explosion on August 4," he added.

Gemayel stressed that he is not against holding any indirect negotiations as Hezbollah did to recover its prisoners, saying that structural problems with Israel cannot be solved without indirect negotiations as it is happening today with the border’s demarcation.

The Kataeb leader affirmed that the coronavirus pandemic has become hard to contain, accusing the authority of opening the country namely on New Year’s Eve without even realizing how big the disaster is.

“Since last February, all the other countries have been prepared to confront the virus except for Lebanon,” he said.

“Our problem is that we have corrupted officials who lack conscience and put their personal interests above everything else,” he said.