Gemayel Addresses Tripoli Recent Clashes, Warns Against Any Obstruction in the Elections

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Gemayel Addresses Tripoli Recent Clashes, Warns Against Any Obstruction in the Elections

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Sunday voiced fear over any postponement in the parliamentary elections, saying that things will not lie in the authority’s best interest if they ever try to obstruct the polls.

“The parliamentary elections are a red line. The October 17 revolution will be nothing but a small sample in front of what they will witness if they have ever decided to stall the elections,” Gemayel said in an interview with LBCI.

“We are an institutional, peaceful, sovereign, and transformative popular opposition,” he added, affirming that France and the entire international community support the Lebanese people’s rights to self-determination.

Gemayel deemed the Lebanese Parliament as ‘sterile’, affirming that the extension of the Parliament will be considered as an extension to the Lebanese’ tragedy.

“This sterile Parliament hasn’t formed a single investigation parliamentary commission in five years. Thus, we won’t let anyone obstruct the elections,” he said.

“As long as this current authority remains in power, things will not work in the country,” he pointed out.

"The party is exerting its utmost efforts along with many other personalities seeking change to adopt a new approach that would lie in the Lebanese’ best interests," he added, affirming that they are preparing to be a part of an alternative they will offer to the Lebanese at all levels.

“The elections according to the current law are better than no elections. If we unify the confrontation front, there will be a structural change in the Parliament from which a political force, independent from this system will emerge and will inevitably be the largest bloc in the Parliament,” he added.

The Kataeb leader hailed the people of Tripoli, accusing the current political class for the clashes recently carried out in the city.

“Tripoli is Lebanon’s first victim as it has been neglected for so long and now it is paying the price of the economic crisis, unemployment, and poverty,” he said.

“There is no conspiracy in Tripoli but there are a whole people who suffer from hunger feeling there is no one to save them,” he added.

“The citizens of Tripoli are seeking change just like any Lebanese who wants to build a new Lebanon,” he added.

Gemayel stressed that there is a political pressure being practiced on Judge Fadi Sawan in the investigations of the Beirut port explosion, saying that whoever is exerting these pressures doesn’t want the truth to be revealed.

“Investigations must expose those responsible of the blast. Where are the ministers who were accused by Judge Sawan? He asked.

The Kataeb leader blamed Hezbollah for most of the problems that have been prevailing over the country for the past period, deeming President Michel Aoun as part of a political system established under the shadow of Hezbollah which has isolated Lebanon from its surroundings.

“I don’t have a personal problem with the President; I have a problem with the political choice he made starting 2006 until today,” he said.

“Hezbollah is made up of Lebanese people which their decision is only taken by Iran and they know that they are part of a system that won’t allow them to make any decision,” he pointed out.

“We have nothing to do with the conflict between Iran and America, nor should Lebanon pay the price for a conflict that has nothing to do with it,” he added.

“It is time for the Lebanese people to take a break from all the conflicts, blood and wars it has been facing for so long,” he affirmed.