Kataeb Party Warns against Any Attempt to Obstruct Parliamentary Elections

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Kataeb Party Warns against Any Attempt to Obstruct Parliamentary Elections

The Kataeb party on Tuesday warned against any attempt to obstruct the upcoming parliamentary elections, stressing that the Lebanese people will not allow such thing to happen no matter what.

“Nothing will prevent the Lebanese from deciding their own fate through the ballots boxes,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb Political Bureau after its weekly meeting.

The party voiced its support with Tripoli and its residents following the recent clashes that were carried out in the city, blaming the State’s absence and neglect for the poverty people are currently experiencing in the town.

“What is happening in Tripoli is not an external conspiracy but rather than a complete abandonment of this system from its useless promises of establishing development programs in the city, properly treating the coronavirus pandemic and the flagrant neglection towards the citizens, ” the statement said.

“What is required today is to secure a decent living to all the Lebanese through providing a special social safety net during times of quarantine and lockdown,” it added.

The Kataeb called on the security services to protect all the demonstrators, private and public properties during the protests the people pf Tripoli are staging lately, warning against taking advantage of people’s sufferings for cheap purposes.

The Political Bureau deemed the so-called “budget” as a new imaginary project that is nothing more than a play that is no different than the previous budgets in violating the Constitution, saying that it was issued outside the deadlines with figures far from reality.

“People are suffering and starving while the current ruling authority does nothing except caring about their personal interests and obstructing every chance that comes that would save the Lebanese’ lives,” it said.

“Any government that will emerge from this system’s shadow will only drag the country to more declining performance,” it noted.

“The solution is to form a new and independent government composed of real people who seek change who will ensure a transitional phase in preparation for the upcoming elections,” it added.

Source: Kataeb.org