Dagher Accuses Ruling Authority of Current Deteriorating Situation

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Dagher Accuses Ruling Authority of Current Deteriorating Situation

General Secretary of the Kataeb party on Wednesday accused the current ruling authority of the situation the Lebanese are experiencing today, saying that the solution to overcome the country’s problems is by changing the whole ruling system.

“People are starving while their only concern is to obstruct the government’s formation for personal interests and for the sake of an internal ally,” Dagher said during an interview with New TV.

“Those who are in power today and do not want to form a new government are brainless, heartless, senseless, and incompetent,” he added.

Dagher affirmed that there is an alliance happening between an armed militia and a mafia, saying that the militia is the one taking the decisions and the mafia is making the deals.

“Our money in the banks have gove and we were besieged as a country, and the biggest visit was to the Beirut port, not to the street, especially since the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and Major General Abbas Ibrahim were all aware of the presence of the nitrates in the port," he said.

Dagher voiced its pride to being a part in the Kataeb experience, saying that the party has no external funding unlike other factions that have a funding and they use clientelism with the citizens.

“Five years ago, when we voted against the presidential settlement we were accused of populism because of our stances. We said that the election of President Michel Aoun would expose Lebanon to sanctions, that the election law would give a majority to Hezbollah, and that the Central Bank governor Riad Salameh and some of the Lebanese banks are dragging us to collapse,” he said.

The General Secretary voiced regret over the way the aids distribution for the coronavirus patients is being announced, saying that the party’s expatriates are trying to help the Lebanese as much as they can.

“Thirty oxygen machines have been sent and the party is distributing them to everyone in need,” he said.

Source: Kataeb.org