Gemayel Blames Hezbollah for Lebanon's Current Collapse

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Gemayel Blames Hezbollah for Lebanon's Current Collapse

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday blamed Hezbollah for the complete collapse currently prevailing over Lebanon, deeming the death of Lebanese activist Lokman Slim as a shock to all the free people in the country and to all those who defend their homeland.

“We don’t know when the series of assassinations will end. In order not to accuse Hezbollah, it must abide by the rule of law, surrender its weapons, trust the army, and put itself under the law which that is not the case today,” Gemayel told Al-Arabiya news channel.

“Lebanon today is being held as a hostage by an armed militia that is controlling the current political system,” he said.

Gemayel stressed his lack of trust in the Lebanese Judiciary, saying that it hasn’t been able to achieve justice in any of the files previously summoned to it.

“We do not hope to complete any results in the investigation into the assassination of Slim because previous investigations haven’t reached any conclusion,” he noted.

“Six months have passed on the Beirut Port Blast and yet no decision has been made,” he added, saying that more assassinations will be carried out as long as no results will be achieved.