Lebanese Anti-Hezbollah Activist Shot Dead in South Lebanon

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Lebanese Anti-Hezbollah Activist Shot Dead in South Lebanon

Lebanese analyst and political activist Lokman Slim was found dead earlier this morning inside of his car in South Lebanon, judicial and security officials on Thursday said.

Contact with Slim was lost since Wednesday evening during his visit to his friend’s house in one of the Southern Lebanon villages controlled by Hezbollah.

Slim was assassinated with five gunshot wounds, 4 bullets in the head and one in the back and found dead in his car’s passenger seat near the village of Addousiyeh.

A journalist, and activist known as one of the leading Shiite voices slamming Hezbollah, Slim was frequently attacked in media loyal to the pro-Iranian group.

Slim's sister, Rasha al-Ameer said before his death was even confirmed that his disappearance was certainly linked to his political opinions.

"He had a political stance, why else would he have been kidnapped," she told AFP.

Earlier today, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis called for a speedy and transparent investigation into the killing of Slim, deeming him as a respected activist, journalist and an honest independent voice of courage.

“I request the authorities to investigate this tragedy in a speedy and transparent way and draw the necessary consequences,” he wrote on Twitter.

For his part, the European Union Ambassador to Lebanon Ralph Tarraf condemned the assassination Slim, extending his deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.

“Shocked and deeply saddened by the assassination of Lokman Slim. My sincere condolences to his family and loved ones,” Tarraf tweeted.

“We deplore the prevailing culture of impunity in Lebanon in which such heinous acts take place and demand a proper investigation by the competent authorities,” he said.

Slim’ death comes following a series of assassinations that were lately carried out in the same way, starting with the killing of the former government advisor, Anti-Hezbollah and political analyst, Hisham al-Hashemi, who was shot dead in early July near his home in Baghdad and lately the death of Joe Bejjani who was killed when dropping his kids to school.


Source: Kataeb.org