Kataeb Party Deems Elections as Only Hope for a Real, Radical Change

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Kataeb Party Deems Elections as Only Hope for a Real, Radical Change

The Kataeb party on Tuesday stressed the importance of other countries and international organizations to deter the militia and mafia practices currently being carried out against Lebanon and the Lebanese, recalling need to form a new and independent government as soon as possible.

“A new and independent government must be swiflty formed to begin preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections under an international and independent supervision,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting.

“These polls are the only hope for a real and radical change,” it said.

The political Bureau warned against any attempt to obstruct the elections, saying that no one can deprive the Lebanese their right in deciding their own future and representatives.

The party slammed the current ruling authority for its failure in properly handling the Beirut port investigations 6 months after the explosion, holding it morally, politically, and nationally responsible for negelcting this file.

“We warn this authority not to cover the presence of any explosive or dangerous materials at the port or anywhere else in Lebanon that could pose a threat to the Lebanese’ lives,” the party affirmed, calling to disclose on the source and destination of the extremely dangerous materials earlier said to be transported from the Beirut Port.

Source: Kataeb.org