Gemayel Deems It as a Shame to Wait for Iran, USA to Form a Government in Lebanon

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Gemayel Deems It as a Shame to Wait for Iran, USA to Form a Government in Lebanon

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Tuesday reiterated need to form an independent government capable of saving Lebanon from its current crises, affirming that the country is at the verge of collapse at any moment.

“The country will witness an inevitably collapse on both social and economic levels when the Central Bank’s reserves end and the subsidies stops,” Gemayel said following his meeting with U.S. ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy C. Shea.

“High prices are still dominating, the Lebanese purchasing power is decreasing and poverty is growing day by day,” he said, affirming that despite all that officials do nothing to help people overcome their problems.

Gemayel warned against any delay in the parliamentary elections, saying that the current Parliament’s term cannot be extended as it would be considered as an extension to the Lebanese’ tragedies.

“The Lebanese have the right to determine their future. For us, the parliamentary polls that will be held next year will be the main settlement,” he added.

“Until then, Lebanese officials should form a government and not wait for Iran and the U.S. to form one. A government that would ease the Lebanese’ burdens, deals with the International Monetary Funds, and brings money into the country to avoid the lifting subsidies process,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader deemed officials’ actions as shameful and destructive, voicing fear over hospitals, their standards, schools, universities, and the Lebanese lifestyle, which has become irrecoverable at a later stage

“We are fully aware that Lebanon is taken as a hostage. We are not and will not be afraid of anyone,” he pointed out.

“Threats and assassinations will not frighten the free people who will not back up but rather complete the confrontation,” he noted.

The meeting was also attended by the party's International Affairs Officer, Marwan Abdallah, the party's Foreign Affairs coordinator Dr. Michel Abou Abdallah and Chief of staff, Bruno Attieh.