Gemayel Says He Refused Parliament Call to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

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Gemayel Says He Refused Parliament Call to Take Coronavirus Vaccine

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday revealed the Parliament has contacted him a week ago to register and be among the first to the coronavirus vaccine, affirming that he and his family have refused, giving the priority to the medical staff and people who are most in need.

“I have been contacted by the Lebanese Parliament, asking for personal information of me and my familty so we can be registered and be among the first to take the vaccine,” Gemayel said during a footage he registered 9 days ago but published published today on Twitter.

“Of course, we have refused such matter because we consider that it does not meet the standards that have been set in the whole world, even in Lebanon,” he added.

“The medical staff, people who’s age is above 75 years old and those who have symptoms that may expose them to great risks if they contract the virus are the ones who should be taking the vaccine first,” he noted.

In the footage, Gemayel stressed they were surprised by the call as none of these standards apply on them, saying that there is no justification for the call, namely since the principle of equality between the Lebanese must be fully respected.

The Kataeb leader called on all those who do not meet the above-mentioned criteria to refuse to register, saying that those over the age of 75 must follow the mechanisms followed by the Health Ministry just like any Lebanese person.

"We must all be aware and committed in this period, protect those around us, and have a sense of patriotism and humanity with the other,” he concluded.