Hankache Says National Struggle Must be Preserved Away from Any Sectarian Tension

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Hankache Says National Struggle Must be Preserved Away from Any Sectarian Tension

Resigned Kataeb lawmaker Elias Hankache on Saturday blamed the current ruling authority for the situation Lebanon is experiencing today, affirming that there will be no change except with holding parliamentary elections.

“This Parliament has proved its failure in making any radical change in the country and has resumed its work despite the resignation of the Kataeb lawmakers and others,” Hankache told Al-Jadeed channel.

“In my opinion, the political act lies on ethics which this Parliament lacks,” he said.

Hankache warned against being dragged into sectarian squares, deeming the movement to be held today in Bkirki as a national movement per excellence not only Christian.

“Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi has called for the implementation of the international decisions and the commitment to neutrality. These are popular national demands, as they are the demands of the Lebanese as a whole and not of the Christians only,” he added.

“The kataeb supporters are free whether to participate in today’s movement or not. All participants were asked to raise the Lebanese flag only,” he pointed out.

“The October 17 revolution has established new concepts and the new Lebanon is no longer linked to the concepts we were raised on. The Lebanese model no longer relies on the sectarian framework and this national struggle must be preserved away from any sectarian tension,” he noted.

Hankache stressed that there is no rescue in Lebanon except with the cooperation of the international community and its historical friends from the Arab countries, accusing the political authority of covering Hezbollah’s weapons in return that this weapon cover the system' corruption.

“The Lebanese have no longer confidence in any of this authority's components, thus, they have resorted today to Bkirki,” he added.


Source: Kataeb.org