Sayegh Deems Neutrality as Key to Liberate Lebanese Political Decision

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Sayegh Deems Neutrality as Key to Liberate Lebanese Political Decision

Kataeb party’s Deputy-President Selim Sayegh on Saturday stressed that the concept of neutrality saves Lebanon from normalization, saying that the party has called for neutrality since 2013 but no one has ever listened.

“When we demanded neutrality back in 2013 we were mocked by the idea, and today, the same thing is happening with Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi who’s been calling for neutrality since last summer,” Sayegh told Al-Hadath news channel.

“Our stances are similar to the ones of the Patriarch. We demand the implementation of international decisions that had previously saved Lebanon’s sovereignty in 2006, but they were not implemented,”he said.

“Hezbollah is still controlling the country’s South, it has not yet surrendered its weapons, and it has not given any defense strategy in line with other political forces,” he added.

Sayegh affirmed that there is a great popular gathering around Bkirki despite of the coronavirus pandemic, saying that inside of every Lebanese’ conscience and a sincere group the idea of refusing the “de facto force” imposed by Iran and Hezbollah on Lebanon.

“A lot of the Lebanese people don’t want to live in a place where Iran and Hezbollah are imposing their will on them,” he added.

The party’s Deputy-President recalled the need for an international investigation into the Beirut port explosion.