Kataeb Party Deems Speech of Maronite Patriarch as Historical

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Kataeb Party Deems Speech of Maronite Patriarch as Historical

The Kataeb party on Tuesday deemed the stances voiced by Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi in his latest speech as historical, saying that it emulates the constants the party has been reiterating for years.

“These constants are the only way to save Lebanon and rebuild it on solid foundations where no distinction between a citizen and another is seen and no participation in sovereignty or involvement in external axes is witnessed,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau after its weekly meeting.

The party recalled the importance of friendly countries to assume their responsibilities towards a member state of the United Nations and the Arab League by helping to implement the international decisions that restore the country's free decision and the right of its citizens to sovereignty, freedom, decent living and self-determination.

“The abolition of the parliamentary elections has now become evident, in an attempt by the failed system to renew itself and in an effort to block the path of democratic change that is coming through the ballot boxes which will produce a change opposition that will redraw Lebanon in the image of the October 17th youth,” the statement said.

The political bureau stressed that the main step to help Lebanon overcome the problems it is facing today is to restore official institutions by changing the whole current ruling system that have mortgaged the country with their quotas and settlements for weapons as well the brutality of corruption for years.

“The current authority is neglecting the ongoing collapse on both economic and social levels which is dragging the Lebanese to the bottom in the midst of proliferating crises on various levels,” it added.

“The dollar has reached 10 thousand Lebanese Lira today, people are suffering while the financial authorities are doing nothing to save the situation,” it pointed out.

The party called for forming an independent government as soon as possible away from the system’s parties, saying that such government will put the country back on the right track and begin preparing for parliamentary elections.


Source: Kataeb.org