Gemayel Says Change Begins from the Parliament

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Gemayel Says Change Begins from the Parliament

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel stressed that the first and basic change must take place in the Parliament.

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel affirmed that the first and basic change must take place in the Parliament, stressing the need to present the Lebanese a serious alternative that would be able to run the country with efficiency and integrity away from this system that knows nothing but quotas and settlements.

“I know that you have gone through a battle over the issue of vaccination in the face of this class of lawmakers who have unfairly received the vaccine, while dentists are at the forefront of the risk of getting infected due to the nature of their work,” Gemayel said during a zoom meeting with the dentists symposium, vowing that the party will try its best to contribute to the transfer of the Dental Association to a better place through the efforts of the head of the symposium, Dr. Emilie Hayek.

“We are currently going through a critical stage and this crisis is taking several forms of challenges. The economic challenge is the harshest challenge the Lebanese are experiencing today; it is affecting them in an unprecedented way and it constitutes a great and daily challenge for continuity and steadfastness,” he said.

“But the biggest challenge we are facing today is the sovereign challenge, as Lebanon is kidnapped by a militia that has confiscated its decision, in addition to the challenge we face with the presence of the mafia that controls the State’s institutions with a cover from Hezbollah, from the Parliament to the government,” he added.

Gemayel stressed that the party has taken a radical stance stating that there will be no more place for equitable solutions, affirming that it is now the time for a new Lebanon to be born on all levels.

“There are competent and honest people in Lebanon who love the country and are working on a daily basis to protect it, based on a clear project and a new outlook, whether it was in politics, economics, health, environments or even other fields,” he said.

The Kataeb leader stressed the need to withstand in front of the difficulties prevailing over the country today and never retreat, deeming this system as hopeless.