Gemayel: It Is Now the Time for Lawmakers Who Are Obstructing Change to Resign

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Gemayel: It Is Now the Time for Lawmakers Who Are Obstructing Change to Resign

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Saturday stressed that it is now the time for the lawmakers who are obstructing change to resign, affirming that parliamentary elections should be held so as to overcome the crisis the country is currently facing.

“The authority is facing two options today. It is either forming an independent government that works with the International Monetary Fund and donors as well as restoring Lebanon’s image, or resign and let people decide,” Gemayel told Al-Hadath news channel.

“The government of caretaker Hassan Diab is already inactive. The decision is in Hezbollah’s grip, the cooperating system that is holding the Parliament and is hindering the formation of a new government to save the country,” he said.

“The economic collapse is already happening even with the presence of a caretaker government. The situation is deteriorating, and the citizen is losing the purchasing power. The caretaker government cannot halt such problem as it is completely powerless, controlled by Hezbollah and the current ruling system,” he added.

Gemayel deemed the Parliament as the part that forms balances which in return form a government, saying that it is responsible for naming the prime minister, giving confidence, and electing a president.

“Therefore, the problem remains in the Parliament, but as long as Hezbollah controls it, that means that it controls the institutions with the system that made the settlement. "

“If we saw that there is a possibility for change, we would not have resigned from the Parliament,” he added.

“The problem today is there is a group that wants to control the country and it will not stop until destroying what is left from the State,” he pointed out.

The Kataeb leader stressed that the Lebanese people's revolution across sects and regions is a natural and clear way to press for a real change in Lebanon, saying that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has no ability to mobilize his street against his livelihood.

“There is no doubt that the Lebanese people have faced great challenges, such as the Beirut port explosion, the economic crisis, the coronavirus pandemic, and today there is a new uprising that we have been witnessing for days, and it is expected to develop and grow if things continue to deteriorate. While in return the authority does nothing to stop the crisis and there is no other option for the people but to take to the street and confront,” he pointed out.

Gemayel called for a return to the institutions through early parliamentary elections that would withdraw the expression from the street to the institutions

"For those of us who want to help Lebanon, there are international resolutions that were taken by consensus of the Security Council, such as the 1559 and 1701 resolutions, which state on the disarming of militias and controlling the entry of weapons. Let the countries take the two decisions and press for their implementation,” he noted.

“We are always present on the ground, confronting, facing and resisting in face of all the corruption prevailing over the country today. We hope the international community will help the people to regain their decision and their right to self-determination as well as to supervise democratic change."