Bou Abboud: Let the Lebanese Have the Freedom of Expression in the Upcoming Elections

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Bou Abboud: Let the Lebanese Have the Freedom of Expression in the Upcoming Elections

Kataeb political bureau member lawyer Joelle Bou Abboud on Friday stressed that the October 17 revolution had produced several groups, saying that all of them realize that there is a great need for cooperation among them.

“Strength lies in the union and we can only achieve change by uniting in the face of a system rooted in power for decades,” she told LBCI.

Bou Abboud rejected most of the prejudices about the participation of the Kataeb party within the opposition front, saying that this front is not about the Kataeb and everyone knows that the party is a part of this front.

"Our presence in this circle (the opposition circle) shows our political positioning opposing the change and our desire to build a new Lebanon. With our stances that we have built over the years, we have shown our seriousness,” she said.

"In the past 30 years, that is, from the nineties until early 2005, the Kataeb did not participate in the government, and after 2005 the party entered the government with a minister faced with assassination, which was late minister Pierre Gemayel,” she noted.

“We saw that we could not remain false witnesses in the ruling, so we have turned to the opposition from within the Parliament, and after the Beirut explosion the party’s lawmakers have resigned,” he pointed out.

Bou Abboud deemed the parliamentary elections a tool to make the desired change, saying that every talk about amending the election law is the biggest trap to postpone the elections.

"Let us allow the people who rose up on October 17th to be free to express their views in the ballot boxes, even if it is under the current law."