Marouni Calls for Holding Honest Parliamentary Elections

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Marouni Calls for Holding Honest Parliamentary Elections

Former Minister and Lawmaker Elie Marouni on Friday stressed that the key behind changing the current ruling political class is by holding honest parliamentary elections, calling for a field court and a true, comprehensive revolution that would be addressed against the corrupted authority.

“The key is to open prisons for those who obstruct the solutions aimed at saving Lebanon,” he said.

“The solution lies in the Lebanese’ will to change,” he noted.

“We should exert pressure by all means to have parliamentary elections on time, if not even before,” he added, affirming that time will reveal intentions.

Marouni slammed the Lebanese Judiciary for its failure in handling the Lebanese’ main problems, voicing regret over the Lebanese State for the corruption that is currently plaguing it due to the weak Judiciary and the collapsed Syndicates.