Kataeb Delegation Meets with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon

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Kataeb Delegation Meets with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon

A delegation of the Kataeb party on Tuesday met with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Joanna Wronecka at the latter’s office in Yarzeh, with talks featuring high on the latest developments in Lebanon.

The delegation presented the party’s plan for sustainable development, namely the health plan so as to limit the collapse that threatens the sector on more than one level, as well as aids that could be provided by the United Nations and International organizations to halt the ongoing breakdown.

The plan addressed the covid pandemic, the decline in medical nursing services and health care, the increase in numerous threats to the health sector, including security, technical, and economic ones.

Talks also focused on the importance of holding parliamentary elections on time in a bid to achieve the desired change, hailing the UN’s role in in monitoring the elections process in a bid to ensure freedom and impartiality of voting so as to preserve democracy and the Lebanese’s rights in choosing their representatives.

The meeting was attended by Kataeb party’s Deputy President Selim Sayegh, political bureau member Joelle Bou Abboud, Head of the party's Health Emergency Department and Presidential Adviser on Sustainable Development Dr. Bernard Gerbaka, Head of the Doctors Symposium in the Party Dr. Emad Bassil and party’s International Affairs Coordinator Marwan Abdallah.


Source: Kataeb.org