Dagher : Accountability Will Be Achieved After 9 Months

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Dagher : Accountability Will Be Achieved After 9 Months

Kataeb Secretary-General Serge Dagher on Thursday held those who have handed the country to Hezbollah responsible for the country’s current situation, affirming that accountability will be achieved through polls after 9 months.

“When the Lebanese people take to the streets, it means that they want to topple this ruling elite,” said Dagher in an interview with MTV.

“ This ruling elite must be convicted that it has failed in saving the country from its collapse ,” he added.

Dagher deemed the formation of an independent government and the holding of parliamentary elections as the solution to save the country, saying that all the system need to be held accountable.

“ Hezbollah is the main reason for Lebanon’s collapse , he is the responsible of this deteriorated situation,” he pointed out.

“Even if the government will be formed, we also must rely on the support of the International Monetary Fund and the European and American support,” he concluded.

Source: Kataeb.org