Gemayel to CNN: Iran Is Totally in Control of Lebanon Through Hezbollah and Everyone behind Beirut Blast Should Be Held Accountable

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Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel accused the current ruling authority of the massive Beirut explosion that has jolted the city’s main port a year ago, holding accountable everyone who knew about the explosive materials at the port.

“No one should be above the law whether it is the President, the Prime Minister or anyone in Lebanon,” Gemayel said in an interview with CNN.

“What we have witnessed on August 4th was a crime against humanity. It was a dramatic event that would change the course of history in Lebanon,” he added.

“Anyone who is responsible who knew about the explosives at the Port of Beirut should be held accountable,” he pointed out.

Gemayel questioned Hezbollah’s responsibility in response to the port blast, calling on the international community for help as this matter is no more an internal matter and a domestic Lebanese issue but rather a regional and an international issue.

“Was this huge warehouse at the port of Beirut a place where Hezbollah has facilitated the transfer of ammonium nitrate to Syria so it is used by Syrian President Bachar al Assad to bomb its people? He asked.

“A report issued by the FBI said that only 500 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded at the port when we all know the original amount was 2 700 tones. There are 2200 tones missing. Where did it go and how did it disappear?”

“We need the international community’s expertise and its technology means, namely the satellite means.”

“I don’t think that the Lebanese domestic judiciary is capable of having this much resources,” he said.

Gemayel stressed that Hezbollah is not a purely Lebanese party but rather a faction formed by Lebanese citizens whose hierarchy goes up to Iran.

“The head of Hezbollah is the revolutionary guide of Iran, Ali Khamenei. This is what Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah in Lebanon stated very clearly, not me,” he pointed out.

“The decisions of Hezbollah are in Iran’s hands and when Hezbollah controls Lebanon, that means that Lebanon is in Iran’s hands,” he said.

“Iran is totally in control of Lebanon through Hezbollah, its weapons and militia,” he added.

The Kataeb leader affirmed that they have been confronting the political class for the past 6 years, saying that they have resigned from the government in 2015 and from the Parliament in 2020 following the explosion.

“We are proving every day that the Lebanese need something new and we want to be a part of it because we believe in a new Lebanon. It is our job as a new generation to be able to transform ourselves and to look to the future,” he said.

Gemayel said that he is not hopeful about the possibility of forming a new government in the next few weeks, affirming that as long as the same players are playing the same game again people will have the same results.