Kataeb Party Calls on President and Lawmakers to Resign, Says To Get Ready for Field Confrontation

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Kataeb Party Calls on President and Lawmakers to Resign, Says To Get Ready for Field Confrontation

The Kataeb party on Monday called on President Michel Aoun and all the Lebanese lawmakers to resign, urging the Security Council to hold an emergency meeting that would take firm decisions aimed at helping Lebanon and the Lebanese in this difficult time the country is currently experiencing.

“The Lebanese are subjected to a genocide carried out by a criminal group. Thus, support must be provided for them so as to stand socially and economically during these difficult circumstances until the parliamentary elections are held and a democratic transition is secured under an international supervision,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb Political Bureau following its weekly meeting in Saifi.

“Any ongoing attempt to cover the President and the current lawmakers’ acts has now become a conspiracy against Lebanon and the Lebanese and has prolonged the life of corruption, incompetence and failure,” it said.

The party voiced solidarity with the families of Akkar victims who have passed away in the fuel tank blast two days ago, stressing its full support to their demands and all they requirements to stand in the face of this corrupt authority.

The Political Bureau affirmed that the measures that the system claims to take to prevent the theft of fuel and its diversion across the borders have proven that they do not exist and cover a hidden complicity with smugglers, saying that they will confront this crime protected by the mafia and militia with the help of all the rebels, namely the rebels Akkar.

“The time has come to put an end to this suicidal slope, to renounce this authority with its entire system, and prepare for a field confrontation to bring it down by all available means,” it added.

The Party warned against adopting the policy of the police State, suppressing the rebels and trying to intimidate them through arrest, deeming them as worthy practices of an occupying power that, despite all its attempts, could not halt the path of sovereignty, freedom and independence.

The political bureau called on all the party’s supporters to keep pace with this fateful confrontation in a bid to stand up against this authority.

Source: Kataeb.org