Kataeb Party Says Current Deflate Result of Ongoing Collapse

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Kataeb Party Says Current Deflate Result of Ongoing Collapse

The Kataeb party on Tuesday blamed the current ruling authority for the ongoing collapse prevailing over the country, accusing it of adopting the jungle law.

“The jungle of law that gives the dominance to the forces of the de facto so they implement their law as they like, and don’t take into account the laws or the Constitution and leave the ongoing collapse in preparation for the seizure of the country,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb party after its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“All the recurring crises the Lebanese are experiencing today are nothing but a direct result of the dissolution of the institutions, the division of the State between the pillars of the mafia and the militia in accordance with the settlement that handed the decision to Hezbollah to implement its agenda and establish its own State,” the statement said.

The Political Bureau stressed that the security incidents today taking place in one that more area in Lebanon is not innocent, but rather is an implementation of the scheme of the mafia and militia alliance, which is now playing openly to raise tensions in many regions bearing sectarian tensions, affirming that whoever leads these practices is known and exposed with a goal.

The Kataeb stressed the need to remove the cover from all those who keep pace with the system in dragging the country to collapse, namely the monopolists who confiscate the elements of the Lebanese steadfastness and continue to do so for profitable purposes, calling for holding them accountable without hesitation regardless of their sectarian or political affiliations.

The party hailed the Lebanese army on the fourth anniversary of the Fajr al Jouroud battle, saying that the army has paid blood in the face of the terrorism and now it is left to suffer form huger.

Source: Kataeb.org