Gemayel: Hezbollah Hasn't Yet Given the Green Light to Form a New Government

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Gemayel: Hezbollah Hasn't Yet Given the Green Light to Form a New Government

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday stressed that Hezbollah is the one with the decision-making whether to form a government or not, and it has not yet given the green light for the formation for its own considerations.

“Hezbollah is delaying the formation of the government for its own considerations,” Gemayel said in an interview with Al-Hadath.

“We have been without a government for one year and its formation has been disrupted. The government of former Prime Minister Hassan Diab fell after the Beirut blast on august 10, 2020,” he added.

“Until this moment we are still without a government, we only hear of negotiations, bags, conditions, but we are still at ground zero,” he pointed out.

Gemayel said that all the positive or negative indicators are to distract the Lebanese people at a time when they are dying of hunger and are unable to continue their lives normally due to the major crises that are hitting our country and its people.

“The formation of the government in the way we hear is a continuation of the previous approach, the approach of quotas and a preparation for the next stages with the sponsorship of Hezbollah, and if the government is formed, it will be in the form of previous governments that were unable to carry out any reform or openness to the world and particularly the Arab world,” he added.

“Since the first day, we proposed the formation of an independent government capable of restoring the confidence of the inside and outside through openness and accountability and that includes competent people who are free from the logic of quotas and corruption that exists in Lebanon,” he said.

“Unfortunately all the political parties that are responsible for Lebanon’s collapse are the ones who name the ministers in this government. Therefore, we cannot imagine that the government will be able to do anything,” he continued.

Gemayel also stressed the need to protect the basic entitlement, which are the parliamentary elections.

“Hezbollah is proceeding in a gradual process and a complete robbery of Lebanon, its people, its institutions, and its economy,” Gemayel said concerning the shipment of the Iranian fuel.

“Hezbollah portrays itself as the savior at a time when it is responsible for this tragedy and what the country has reached, along with the political mafia with which it cooperates and which is made up of all the system that brought us to this collapse, and it is trying to put Lebanon in the position of needing care, since Lebanon is isolated,” he added.

“This is the logic that Nasrallah preaches in all his interventions, that the international community is isolating Lebanon while Iran is saving it. This matter is incorrect because the one who is isolating Lebanon is Hezbollah, which has put the country in a state of conflict with the Arab world and international legitimacy. If Lebanon receives Iranian oil it will pay the price with sanctions according to international laws and US sanctions,” he concluded.