Kataeb Party Calls for Not Overcoming Outstanding Issues between Lebanon and Syrian Regime

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Kataeb Party Calls for Not Overcoming Outstanding Issues between Lebanon and Syrian Regime

The Kataeb party on Tuesday warned Hezbollah from taking the visit of the Lebanese ministerial delegation to Syria to another turn, such as normalizing relations to drag Lebanon and the Lebanese people towards the axis of isolation and repressive vanishing regimes, deeming the Lebanese delegation’s approval on the absence of the Lebanese flag from the meetings as an insult to Lebanon and the Lebanese.

“Such behavior shows the Baathist regime’s ongoing approach that does not recognize Lebanon as a sovereign and independent State, in addition to the revival of the Lebanese-Syrian Supreme Council, one of the symbols of the occupation phase that was toppled by the Independence revolution,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

The Kataeb party refused to overcome the major differences and outstanding issues between Lebanon and the Syrian regime, starting with the file of the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons, the demarcation of the border between the two countries, the return of displaced Syrians, add-on to the arrest warrants issued by the Lebanese Judiciary against the Syrians, including the head of the Syrian National Security Agency, Major General Ali Mamlouk, on charges of transporting explosives from Syria to Lebanon with the aim of killing politicians and clerics.

The party slammed the current ruling authority for its failure in properly addressing the Lebanese’ daily issues as well as the investigations into the Beirut port blast, blaming it for its ongoing attempts to obstruct the probe and smuggling the accused from justice.

The Kataeb political bureau stressed the Interior Ministry’s need to issue official clarifications regarding the dates of the upcoming parliamentary elections and to publish them on its website, and not to be satisfied with suspicious leaks, emphasizing once again the need to conduct them on time under an international monitoring that would guarantee their integrity and democracy and allows the Lebanese to communicate their true representatives.

“The six seats allocated to expatriates should be abolished due to the necessity of equal voting rights for the Lebanese, so that the expatriates are not prevented from their right to full participation in political life,” the statement added.


Source: Kataeb.org