Lebanon's Agriculture Minister to Work on International Ties

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Lebanon's Agriculture Minister to Work on International Ties

Recently appointed Agriculture Minister Abbas al Hajj Hassan sees international ties as a way to aid Lebanon’s ailing agriculture sector, as farmers struggle to support themselves.

The economic crisis has meant that farmer’s can no longer afford to import the seeds, pesticides and nutrients needed to grow their crops and produce decent yields, with some leaving swaths of land uncultivated. The scarcity and increased costs of fuel have made farm machinery difficult to run, as well as driving up the cost of transport to get their produce to main cities.

As farmers increase the price of fruit and vegetables to cover the costs, the already-struggling populace puts less fresh produce on the table. With a new government formed after 13 months of deadlock, many hope to see reforms and improvements as a result.

“All the details of agriculture, all the concern of the farmers and their needs, that the government can provide for – whether they are small or large enterprises – have not been seen to sufficiently till now,” Hajj Hassan told The Daily Star. “This is a new chapter, which means we need the help of all, from the farmers on the ground, to the unions and municipalities, to get a clearer picture of what is really happening and what exactly had led to a drop in the agricultural output of Lebanon, how we can improve it and get it up to the standards of other countries across the world.

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Source: The Daily Star