Kataeb Party Says Hezbollah Is Controlling Lebanon's Institutions with the Force of Weapon

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Kataeb Party Says Hezbollah Is Controlling Lebanon's Institutions with the Force of Weapon

The Kataeb party on Wednesday stressed that Hezbollah is controlling the institutions, threatening with surplus power and weapons, and imposing its will on all aspects of the state, saying that what happened in Cabinet has proved the lie of the independent government.

“What is happening today strikes the foundations of the state and the principle of separation of powers, threatens to bring down the rest of the free and impartial judiciary and silence the mouths of the brave Lebanese judges who refuse to bow to threats,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb party after its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“The attempt to show the Islamic Republic of Iran as if it is the friend who seeks to free Lebanon of the siege imposed on it, as claimed by Minister Hussein Amir Abdel-Lahyan and as promoted by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, contradicts the reality and the truth,” the statement said.

The political bureau voiced rejection over Lebanon’s being totally kidnapped, saying that what is required from Hezbollah and Iran today is to set the country free.

“This government has so far failed to achieve any of the required measures in the right direction, and it gives itself opportunities to escape from making clear decisions that expose its contradictions and its struggle for influence and positions, whether on the issue of the parliamentary elections, demarcation of borders, negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, or how to spend more than one billion dollars that Lebanon obtained from the fund, electricity or fuel,” it added.

The Kataeb stressed that the Parliament has also failed once again to agree on the latest files that were placed before it, which is the election law, saying that the expatriate vote was not approved, nor the mega center, nor the magnetic card, nor the women’s quota, nor setting the date of the election.

“All of this randomness in approaching the most important entitlement coming to Lebanon aims at maintaining ambiguity until the last moment and strikes deadlines so as to undermine the democracy of elections,” it said.

“The party warned against this game and confirms that it will confront it and will do all whatit takes for the Lebanese to exercise their right to choose their representatives, overturn the equations, and introduce new faces into the political and national work that are efficient and patriotic to achieve the required change,” it said.


Source: Kataeb.org