Gemayel : We only Seek the Truth

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Gemayel : We only Seek the Truth

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Thursday deemed the Beirut port explosion as the country's main issue; saying that all the games that are taking place are to strike the truth.

“I performed my duties yesterday and called security leaders to avoid what might happen today,” Gemayel said during “Sar el Waet” talk show on MTV channel.

“We seek the truth concerning the deadly port explosion that left 200 dead, and more than 6,500 injured. Hezbollah is using its entire means to prevent justice by disrupting the presidency and the government. This armed militia is trying to control the country and obstruct the Lebanese judiciary,” he pointed out.

”All the games that are taking place are to strike the truth and it means that Judge Bitar has reached an advanced point. I also think that there is a basic link between the system and Hezbollah and they cover each other,” he pointed out.

“ I feel that I have a responsibility to speak honestly and without heroism; today we saw the same factors that led to the civil war, and Tayyouneh clashes will be repeated because the factors are still the same,” he added.

“One street faces another; we saw that no one is afraid of the other, but we do not want a drop of blood to fall; I call on the army to enter Ain el-Remmaneh and other areas and to take away everything from the hands of all, even if they had "firecrackers" ,” he stressed.

Gemayel called on the Army Commander Joseph Aoun to rule with an iron fist in this historic moment; saying that nobody except the Lebanese army can do this task.

“There are two republics in Lebanon: the republic of Hezbollah, which is not subject to the judiciary and the republic of ordinary people who are subject to the law,” he added.

The Kataeb leader voiced concern over the country’s latest developments that might be aiming to suspend the parliamentary elections that will be held in 2022.

“The public opinion has changed and the party is losing broad Lebanese cover. I call on the Lebanese people to unite in this challenging situation,” he emphasized.

“We are in a hostage situation, and a state is laying its hand on the country; we liberated Lebanon from the Syrian presence on March 14 without violence. We will not be silent in the face of anyone who attacks us and our homes,” he affirmed.

“Change will be achieved as Hezbollah won’t keep hijacking the Lebanese decision. We will rebuild our country by establishing sovereignty, and promoting a political system and electing competent people. We will stay in Lebanon and continue to defend it so that we won' regret surrendering easily,” he said.

Gemayel deemed the situation that the Lebanese people are experiencing as challenging; saying that our country will become the most beautiful country in the world.

“This country is no longer ours and we have to change this reality, should we leave or should we keep on fighting?” he asked.