Gemayel: Time for Change Has Come !

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Gemayel: Time for Change Has Come !

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel on Monday stressed that time for change in Lebanon has come, saying that this dreadful ruling elite has failed to address the Lebanese’ problems.

“The key for change in Lebanon is holding parliamentary elections so as to elect competent and free people to rule. This ruling class has failed to address the Lebanese’ main problems and sufferings," Gemayel said from Houston.

“Let us grant people the freedom of decision in the ballot boxes. The Lebanese are the decision-makers; we are mere employees working for them so they are the ones to choose what’s best for them,” he stressed.

“Unfortunately, our country is controlled by an armed militia and a ruling system that only care about their own interests. Hezbollah is controlling the institutions, threatening with surplus power and weapons, and imposing its will on all aspects of the state,” he added.

“We are the young generation working to build the future Lebanon, and it is our duty to preserve and liberate the country from the domination of the “mafia and militia” alliance which did not miss an opportunity to prevent the dream of the youth in Lebanon,” he emphasized.

Gemayel called on all Lebanese expatriates to register in the embassy or the consulate before November 20, saying that voting is the only chance to achieve change.