Kataeb Party Refuses to Domesticate the Lebanese Judiciary with Threats

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Kataeb Party Refuses to Domesticate the Lebanese Judiciary with Threats

The Kataeb party on Tuesday refused to domesticate the Lebanese Judiciary with threats and advisory opinions, blaming the current ruling authority for neglecting the Lebanese by committing one of the biggest crimes in the era that has led to destroying Beirut city and killing its people.

“The most important thing this campaign has produced is the emergence of a group of strong and free judges who cling to justice and principles and refuse to succumb to threats,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb political bureau following its weekly meeting in Saifi.

The party condemned the complete submission to Hezbollah’s will, saying that some high-ranking officials have no choice but to obey to the party's dictates in the foreign relations and comply with its requests in the internal politics.

“Neither the Arab nor international mediation will work nor will the fate of millions of residents or hundreds of thousands of expatriates intercede,” it added.

The political party stressed that the time has come to restore Lebanon from the militia and mafia’s grip that have destroyed the State’s foundation, urging the Lebanese and the expatriates to participate in saving their country by massively voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections so they can choose patriots and competent people who will be able to bring out the required change.

The Kataeb congratulated the dentists in the North on the results of the elections which has restored the union from the dominance of the parties in the power, affirming its support for the lists of changers and independents in terms candidacy and vote in the upcoming elections for the Bar, Dentists and Pharmacists Syndicate in Beirut.

The political bureau deplored the assassination attempt Iraqi Prime Minister Mostapha Al-Kadhimi was subjected to earlier his week, saying that such act proves once again that some well-known parties find the physical assassination as the only way to blow up the democratic elections and to silence the voices demanding their country’s independence from any external tutelage.


Source: Kataeb.org