Kataeb Deems Hezbollah's Weapon as Divisive, Says It Strikes National Pact

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Kataeb Deems Hezbollah's Weapon as Divisive, Says It Strikes National Pact

The Kataeb party on Tuesday deemed Hezbollah’s weapon as divisive, stressing that it strikes the national pact and the coexistence.

“Hezbollah’s weapons provoke the sectarian strife, strike the logic of the State and threaten the civil peace. The attempt to resist using the state as a card in the game of axes destroys the structure and the national pact, without which living together would not exist,” read a statement issued by the Kataeb party following its weekly meeting at the party’s headquarters in Saifi.

“The party's ongoing attempts in trying to intimidate the Lebanese prove its desire to subjugate their will and to tame all authorities. Here it is, after seizing the political power, trying to lay its grip on the judiciary after disrupting it,” the statement said.

The political bureau called for steadfastness withing the institutions at all levels so as to preserve the state of truth and law, condemning the provocative armed displays made by Hezbollah in different regions in a bid to intimidate the people.

The Kataeb slammed the current economic and living situation the Lebanese are experiencing, refusing the ongoing violation on their lives by rejecting to address the crisis with the Gulf countries.

“Following the ban on the exports, the farmers today have lost their seasons as well as the industrialists whose businesses have been disrupted,” it said.

The party warned against any attempt in obstructing the electoral process for expatriates, calling them to register and vote so they would be participating in the real change.

The political bureau recalled the 15th assassination anniversary of minister Pierre Amine Gemayel, stressing that his sacrifices won’t go for nothing, and that Lebanon is the real goal behind the kataeb’s continiuous efforts.

Source: Kataeb.org