Versailles Palace to Host Electro Music Party

Versailles Palace to Host Electro Music Party

The Palace of Versailles will host a summer electro music party in its famous Hall of Mirrors for the first time, according to Lonely Planet.

France's prestigious landmark will team up with Ed Banger Records to hold a concert that would feature performances from popular electro music DJs, including Breakbot x Irfane, Myd, and So Me.

“This timeless evening is part of the Versailles tradition of the first festivals of the Sun King's time and also echoes Versailles, cradle of French electro,” according to the event website.

The party will begin at 10:30 p.m. on June 8 at the Palace.

Guests may purchase a simple entry ticket between $25 and $34 USD for general admission, or a $68 VIP ticket which includes access to the VIP area and bar, seating, a glass of champagne, and a reserved parking space.

Gold tickets will also be available for $180 with access to the Gold lounge and bar, seating, two glasses of champagne, buffet, and a reserved parking space within the park of Versailles.