Lebanon's Protests Introduce 'October 17' Newspaper

Lebanon's Protests Introduce 'October 17' Newspaper

Amid nationwide protests, demonstrators in Lebanon produced a newspaper that speaks on behalf of the ongoing revolution, with the first issue of the journal introduced on Friday.

The 16-page newspaper, which marks the date since protests engulfed Lebanon, is named “October 17”.

As reported by protesters, the newspaper is being funded by people’s donations, comprising articles, reports, drawings and competitions that exemplify the spirit of the uprising and that are written by people partaking in the Lebanese movement.

“A journal from the heart of the revolution. Sixteen pages depicting our dreams is the result of a single question: Are we capable of releasing a newspaper?” Activist Jaafar al-Atar wrote on Facebook, explaining that they came across the idea ten days ago when in Riad Soleh square.

Jaafar, a contributor to the launch of the newspaper, explained that it contains stories, articles from across the country.

Source: Kataeb.org