Manel Mallat Announces She Is Cancer-Free

Manel Mallat Announces She Is Cancer-Free

Singer Manel Mallat revealed she’s now cancer free after a whole year battle fighting in silence.

Singer Manel Mallat on Thursday revealed she’s now cancer-free after a whole year battle fighting in silence.

“Today I close this door, leaving behind me one of the most challenging chapters of my life,” Mallat wrote on her Instagram account.

“Today I can finally say screw you, cancer,” she said.

“I never thought I would actually verbalize this here, but I somehow felt the need to mark it, confront it, accept it and mostly believe that it’s finally over.

I fought in silence for a year.

After an optic neuritis that made me partially lose my right eye sight, a lupus diagnosis, a sinus cancer followed by 3 surgeries, 30 daily consecutive radiotherapy sessions, not to mention 2020’s surreal performance on all levels, yet I’m still here, I’m alive, I’m healed, whole, free and complete,” she added.

“What have I learned from this?

I learned that life is an experience and it’s precious. Life is about the simple things and little pleasures. Every moment counts and NOTHING should be ever taken for granted.

I learned how strong one can be. No matter how low we reach, and despite all the mental and physical pain, we keep going and we fight.

And most importantly, I learned tat life drops some angels on your way. I realized how blessed and lucky I was. My family and friends are everything, they mean everything and without them I would have never made it. They were my angels.

Today is a happy day, my very own New Year’s Day. I proudly show my scars, as they represent what I’ve been through and most importantly what I overcame.

And to anybody out there struggling, whether mentally or physically, I send you all my love and I urge you to never give up, because life is so much worth it.”