Saudi Arabia Hails UK's Hezbollah Proscription as 'Constructive'

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Saudi Arabia Hails UK's Hezbollah Proscription as 'Constructive'

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday welcomed Britain's decision to proscribe the political wing of Hezbollah, hailing the move as an "important and constructive" step.

"Categorizing the Hezbollah militia, which is backed by Iran, as a terrorist organization is an important and constructive step in combatting terrorism around the world," said a foreign ministry source, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

"Britain's decision goes in line with the decision Saudi Arabia has taken towards the terrorist party, in both its political and military wings."

The source urged the international community to follow in the footsteps of both Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom by taking a firm and united position against "terrorist militias" that are destabilizing the region.