Iranian Tanker Headed to Lebanon, Not Turkey

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Iranian Tanker Headed to Lebanon, Not Turkey

Lebanon has not received any docking request from Iranian tanker Adrian Darya 1, whose seizure had been requested by the United States, the energy minister said on Friday.

"The energy ministry does not buy crude oil from any country and Lebanon does not own a crude oil refinery. There is also no request for the Adrian Darya 1 oil tanker to enter Lebanon," Nada Boustani said on social media.

She was responding to a statement made by Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Oslo earlier Friday, claiming that the huge tanker and its cargo of 2.1 million barrels of oil worth more than $140 million were on their way to Lebanon.

The ship had previously been detained for six weeks by the British overseas territory of Gibraltar on suspicion of transporting crude oil to Syria, in violation of European sanctions.

The US had called for it to be seized but Gibraltar ordered the tanker's release on August 15.

Iran said on Monday it had sold the oil already but the buyer's identity remains unknown.

The ship has been zigzagging in the eastern Mediterranean in recent days, with its declared and suspected destination changing multiple times.

According to maritime traffic monitoring websites, the huge tanker is currently just west of the island nation of Cyprus.

Source: AFP