Environmental Activists Demand Ban of Glitter

Environmental Activists Demand Ban of Glitter

Environmental activists are trying to ban glitter from the market due to its microplastic nature that threatens the environment by being an ecological risk.

Campaign group 38 Degrees has sent a petition to UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove urging him to ban glitter and luster, basing their demand on a study which spotted microplastic particles in one third of fish in the North Sea.

“Glitter might look lovely but, because it’s plastic, it sticks around long after the sparkle has gone, often in the stomachs of fish and birds,” David Innes of 38 Degrees explained.

“Some major supermarkets are moving to ban these harmful microplastics, but the British public is clear; supermarkets should be moving faster to tackle plastic waste,” he told The Guardian.

Scientists have been pushing for the ban for years and in 2018, the cosmetics brand Lush replaced glitter with a synthetic biodegradable alternative known as synthetic mica.

Source: Kataeb.org