Scientists Uncover 'Most Bird-Like' Dinosaur

Scientists Uncover 'Most Bird-Like' Dinosaur

Scientists in Germany have uncovered a new species of flying dinosaur; a discovery that could help understand how modern-day birds evolved, said a new study published in the journal Life Sciences.

Another feathered species of dinosaur, that lived around 150 million years ago, was previously discovered in 1861. The species, called Archaeopteryx, was widely considered to be the oldest flying bird.

The newly-discovered species, called Alcmonavis poeschli, is now considered "the most bird-like bird discovered from the Jurassic".

"There are similarities, but after detailed comparisons with Archaeopteryx and other, geologically younger birds, its fossil remains suggested that we were dealing with a somewhat more derived bird," said lead study author Oliver Rauhut from LMU's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

When comparing the two species, scientists found that Alcmonavis poeschli had wing bones that pointed to muscles which allowed it to vigorously wave its wings; a feature that was not found in Archaeopteryx.