iOS 15: 1 Super-Cool iPhone Secret Has Just Been Revealed

iOS 15: 1 Super-Cool iPhone Secret Has Just Been Revealed

There was a lot announced at WWDC this week. But if you told Apple you’d prefer it if they announced less because there was too much to get your head around, they’d probably say that actually, they did, that there was so much new stuff they only announced a bit of it.

It’s true, there have been more features announced, an unintended leak or two before the event, not to mention more leaks after.

Among other stuff that has become public knowledge is a new technique that may transform how you use your iPhone.

As spotted by BGR, iOS 15 will have a great new way to drag and drop content right on your phone. And it works across different apps.

Drag and drop is the process we’re all familiar with on PC and Mac, but it’s a whole different ball game on a phone.

Smooth and easy, right? Well, pretty much, though it does take a little dexterity.

You see, you can choose the item you want to move easily enough. It can be a photo or a piece of text, for instance, to reference Viticci’s two examples. One selected with one finger you must keep it in place (don’t accidentally let go!) while bringing up multitasking mode, say, sliding across to the destination app, letting that become full-screen and plonking the content down.

A little green + appears in the top corner of the content before you place it down, which is helpful.

Of course, for many of us, copy and paste is a useful way to do this, especially if you’re a bit butterfingers on a small touchscreen. And then there’s the share sheet which works well, too.

But the addition of a whole new mechanic is certainly to be welcomed and it makes for a cool new way to use your iPhone.


Source: Forbes