Clashes Re-ignited in Ain El-Helwe Camp Following Murder

Clashes Re-ignited in Ain El-Helwe Camp Following Murder

Heavy artillery and gunfire broke out again on Saturday morning in Ain al-Helwe Palestinian refugee camp in Sidon following a prevailing cautious calm during the night hours.

Palestinian sources noted that members of the Fatah Movement and Osbat al-Ansar carried out a joint raid of Bilal al-Arqoub house after that he was wounded during previous raids and has fled into hiding taking shelter in another house.

Earlier on Friday, the brother of a member of the Islamist Osbat al-Ansar, Hussein Alaaeddine, was murdered while he was taking part in a demonstration for Palestinian rights, sparking clashes inside the camp between the families of Alaaeddine and Bilal al-Arqoub, an infamous Islamist.

Alaaeddine was severely injured and was transferred to a hospital in Sidon where he died of his injuries.

The deceased’s family argued that a member of the Arqoub family had killed Hussein as a payback for a previous dispute where Alaaeddine’s brother Khaled, a member of Osbat al-Ansar, allegedly shot and critically wounded Bilal al-Arqoub’s son Youssef.