Cassation Court Upholds Judgement in VDL Ownership Case

Cassation Court Upholds Judgement in VDL Ownership Case

Beirut's court of appeal issued a ruling on February, 2nd 2016 stipulating that the 'VDL' acronym as well as the brand label, consisting of a cedar drawing, are the Kataeb Party's property.

However, the MMC appealed the decision.

The Court of Cassation decided not to consider appeals by the MMC for lack of seriousness in its stated reasons.

The Court, thereby, has ordered Modern Media Company to stop using VDL as a brand name, subject of a penalty in case of non-compliance in the amount of 1 million Lebanese pounds for each day of delay.

In his turn, Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel hailed the court’s decision on Monday congratulating Voice of Lebanon radio station 100.3 - 100.5 FM for the win.

“Voice of Lebanon has regained its freedom and dignity. Congratulations Uncle Joseph,” he wrote on Twitter, in reference to late Joseph Abu Khalil, one of the founders of the radio station.

Gemayel also thanked the lawyers, led by attorney and former Head of the Beirut Bar Association Georges Jreij, for having fought this significant legal battle.