Gunman Shoots Nine People in Baakline

Gunman Shoots Nine People in Baakline

Nine people were shot dead on Tuesday in the mountain of Baakline, security sources reported.

The victims included 8 men and 1 woman which 4 of them were identified as Syrian nationals.

According to the National News Agency, the identity of the gunman and his motives remain unknown.

Baakline’s Mayor stressed that the gunman was shooting randomly from a pump action rifle and a Kalashnikov assault rifle, saying that the Internal Security Forces are pursuing the perpetrator who fled to nearby fields.

“We are cooperating with the town’s municipality, security and civil society to prevent any reactions,” he added.

Kataeb leader Samy Gemayel condemned the vicious crime that took the life of nine people, extending his deepest condolences to all the victims’ families.