Bitar Resumes Work on Port Blast Investigation

Bitar Resumes Work on Port Blast Investigation

Beirut port blast investigation head Judge Tarek Bitar resumed work on the probe in his office at the Justice Palace on Wednesday after he was officially informed of the Court of Appeal's decision to overturn a lawsuit filed by former minister Youssef Fenianos, the state-run National News Agency reported.


Here's what we know:


 On Tuesday, the Appeals Court overruled a complaint brought forward by Fenianos, clearing the way for Bitar to restart his investigations after a more than monthlong pause.


In November, Bitar was obliged to halt his probe after learning Fenianos had launched a lawsuit against him.


This is the third time Bitar's investigation has been halted in response to the series of lawsuits brought by former ministers accused of negligence in connection with the Aug. 4. 2020 explosion at the Beirut port


Source: L'Orient Today