Sightseeing Bus Services Launched in Beirut

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Sightseeing Bus Services Launched in Beirut

Lebanon has launched the hop-on-hop-off bus services to enable tourists to enjoy sightseeing tours across Beirut's landmarks.

The City Sightseeing company, founded in Spain in 1999, will handle the buses with tickets ranging between $25 for adults and $10 for children aged between 5 and 16.

Tickets can be purchased on board, or at Beirut Souks, ABC malls and Zaitunay Bay.

The buses will operate from 9:30 to 17:00, with a tour that starts from the Martyrs’ Square and includes attractions such as the Raouche Rocks, the Zaitunay Bay and the colorful staiways of Mar Mikhael.

Tickets will allow a free entrance to the National Museum.

Tourists can select an additional ticket for a walking tour across the capital's central district, where they will explore the Nijmeh Square, the Roman Baths and some of the city’s significant worshipping places.

Buses will provide audio guides in Arabic, French and English; Russian, Spanish and Chinese languages are to be added soon.

“I believe in my Lebanon, my beautiful Beirut, where there are 5,000 years of history,” local franchise CEO, Viviane Nasr, told The Daily Star newspaper.

“There are so many hidden treasures in Beirut; I’d like to show them to the whole world,” Nasr added.

“When you take the bus tour, you have the whole day to spend; you’re not in a rush and you’re listening to music and the fascinating guide on board. And of course, in every city in the world there is traffic at peak times,” she assured.

“Lebanese people are fed up with the economic and political situation in their country, so this is something they can be happy about,” she urged the Lebanese to also take these buses.

“We will be proud to see these beautiful red buses in Beirut,” Nasr said.