Oversized Potato Turned into Hotel Room in Idaho

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The U.S. state of Idaho has turned an oversized potato into a hotel room that two guests can book for an overnight stay.

It took constructors one year to finish the Big Idaho Potato Hotel which is eight-metre long, three-metre wide and 3.5-metre tall built from steel, concrete and plaster.

The six-tonne potato had previously toured the country as part of a marketing initiative promoting the health benefits of potatoes.

The room is decorated with whitewashed walls, and features a queen-size bed, an antler-inspired chandelier, a cosy seating area with a fully stocked bookshelf, a mini fridge and a record player and old vinyls.

It also includes a spa-like bathroom with running water, a power shower, log-stocked fireplace and circular whirlpool underneath a glass skylight.

An overnight stay costs around $217 and can be booked at the Airbnb website.

Source: Kataeb.org