Prosecutors Request Questioning of Carlos Ghosn's Wife

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Prosecutors Request Questioning of Carlos Ghosn's Wife

Japanese prosecutors have requested that Carole Ghosn, wife of former Nissan executive chief Carlos Ghosn, would be questioned as part of an investigation probing the possible embezzlement of funds by her husband, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday.

Prosecutors are suspecting that Ghosn had illicitly transferred part of Nissan's funds to a company chaired by his wife to purchase a yacht and a boat.

The prosecutors request would enable judges to summon Carole Ghosn for a mandatory questioning after she had previously refused to make a voluntary testimony.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested again on Thursday on charges of siphoning off Nissan's funds to enrich himself; his mobile phone, documents, notebooks and diaries, along with his wife’s passport and mobile phone were confiscated by prosecutors, as his lawyer confirmed.

Meanwhile, Carole Ghosn headed to Paris to urge the French government to help her husband, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

"I think the French government should do more for him. I don't think they've done enough. I don't think he's had enough support and he's calling for assistance. As a French citizen, it should be a right", Ghosn’s wife told the newspaper.